C L I F F   H O L C O M B                                           Entertainment 

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With an endless repertoire of songs, I am able to accommodate audience requests at the drop of a hat. What separates me from other performers is the special brand of entertainment that makes sure to engage everyone in the crowd and give them ALL a great time. 

 Your clear choice for interactive musical fun and entertainment that's a cut above the rest.
You can count on me to provide hours of endless fun with high quality, high energy, live music combined with witty humor that's sure to delight everyone in the party. If you're looking for a top-notch musician for hire in Atlanta or in the surrounding region for your corporate party entertainment needs, reach out to me & I'll make sure to get the party started and keep the energy level high in order for everyone to enjoy your event.

     My unique mixture of laughter and song continues .... 

with the wild and wonderful Andrews Brothers Dueling Pianos & Damian Cartier